1. Emanuel Hentes
    Supervisors: Deni Mazrekaj (daily supervisor) and Tanja van der Lippe
    Thesis: Effectiveness and Efficiency of Education
    2024-2028 – Ph.D. Sociology – Utrecht University
  2. Lea Kröner
    Supervisors: Deni Mazrekaj (daily supervisor), Tanja van der Lippe, and Anne-Rigt Poortman
    Thesis: The economic resilience of women
    2022-2026 – Ph.D. Sociology – Utrecht University
  3. Silvia Palmaccio
    Supervisors: Deni Mazrekaj (daily supervisor) and Kristof De Witte
    Thesis: How does family matter? On the role of heterogeneous family compositions in determining children’s outcomes using longitudinal administrative data
    2019-2023 – Ph.D. Economics – KU Leuven
    First placement: Postdoctoral Fellow in Economics (University of Turin)