1. 2024-2025 – Spark Grant (9,000 EUR)
    Centre for Unusual Collaborations (CuCo)
    Project: Dismantling Disparities: An Interdisciplinary Exploration of Academic Inequalities and the Role of Unusual Collaborations in Societal Advancement
    Principal Investigator, together with Andries Temme, Azadeh Kermani, and Rahul Subburaj
  2. 2024-2028 – Horizon Europe Framework Programme (2,773,644 EUR)
    European Commission
    Project: EFFEct – Enhancing Efficiency and Effectiveness in Education
    Principal Investigator for Utrecht University (426,889 EUR)
    Other PIs: Kristof De Witte (KU Leuven – Coordinator Project), Tomasso Agasisti (Polytechnic University of Milan), Dániel Horn (Hungarian Centre for Economic and Regional Studies), and Selina McCoy (Economic and Social Research Institute)
  3. 2024-2028 – Starters Grant (240,000 EUR)
    Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture and Science
    Project: The Labor Market Outcomes of LGBT People with a Migration Background
    Principal Investigator, together with Floris Peters
  4. 2022-2023 – Microdata Access Grant (7,500 EUR)
    Open Data Infrastructure for Social Science and Economic Innovations (ODISSEI)
    Project: Mental Health of Children with Same-Sex Parents
    Principal Investigator, together with Mark Verhagen
  5. 2022-2024 – Dutch Research Agenda (1,609,944 EUR)
    The Dutch Research Council (NWO)
    Project: The Economic Resilience of Women
    Investigator in subproject ‘On the Path to Work’ (620,000 EUR), together with Tanja van der Lippe (PI subproject) and Anne-Rigt Poortman
    Principal Investigators project: Tanja van der Lippe and Belle Derks
  6. 2021-2024 – Junior Postdoctoral Fellowship (180,000 EUR)
    Research Foundation Flanders (FWO)
    Project: An Economic Perspective on the Role of Family Structure and Education as Determinants of Crime
    Solo Principal Investigator
  7. 2019-2023 – Junior Research Project (430,000 EUR)
    Research Foundation Flanders (FWO)
    Project: The Underlying Mechanisms and the Heterogeneity of School and Labour Market Outcomes
    Principal Investigator, together with Kristof De Witte
  8. 2020 – Grant for participation in a conference abroad (2,000 EUR)
    Research Foundation Flanders (FWO)
    Conference: 7th Lindau Meeting in Economic Sciences
    Solo Principal Investigator
  9. 2020 – EEB Open Call (10,000 EUR)
    European Environmental Bureau (EEB)
    Project: Development of a model for SDG monitoring, reviewing and report at EU-level
    Principal Investigator, together with Fritz Schiltz and Vítězslav Titl
  10. 2019 – Grant for a long stay abroad (3,500 EUR)
    Research Foundation Flanders (FWO)
    Host: VATT Institute for Economic ResearchMika Kortelainen
    Solo Principal Investigator
  11. 2016-2020 – Ph.D. Fellowship (195,000 EUR)
    Research Foundation Flanders (FWO)
    Project: An Economic Perspective on School Dropout
    Solo Principal Investigator