I am a researcher in labour economics at KU Leuven university in Belgium. I completed my Ph.D. in economics on 15 November 2019. My research interests lie in the area of education economics and family economics. I am particularly interested in the labour market returns to schooling and the role of family environment in the development of the child’s educational and labor market outcomes. In my Ph.D. thesis called “An Economic Perspective on School Dropout”, I employed quasi-experimental empirical methods on administrative population data to investigate the causal relationship between high school dropout and its potential predictors, labour market consequences, and policies. My primary goal is to conduct research with a substantial societal impact through causal effects that effectively inform policy and decision making.

My job market paper “Does a High School Diploma Matter? Evidence Using Regression Discontinuity Design” explores whether education raises productivity (human capital theory) or just reflects it (signalling theory) by estimating earnings returns to a high school diploma.

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